CEFAK is a centenary memorial fund of the Archdiocese of Kottayam envisaged to extend financial assistance to the students of the Knanaya Catholic Community in pursuit of their professional studies. It was inaugurated at the closing ceremony of the centenary celebrations on 30th August 2011. Our vision is that no member of our community is deprived of his/her educational aspirations on account of financial constraints. It is a sharing of all the Knanaya people around the globe (priests, sisters and laymen) of their income of one month to this “community uplifting programme” through education. This fund aims to encourage our children to dream high and reach their full potential and dignified future with our financial assistance and thus to show the unity of Knanaya community and the unparalleled example of sharing. It is based on the Gospel values that “All of us are Christ’s body and each one is a part of it”  ( ICor 12:27), and with this educational support, the growth of the community will be integral and holistic.


Centenary Celebrations Concluding Ceremony : Smt.Prathibha Devisingh Patil (The  President of India)-2011